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Survey: Ethanol Fireplace vs. Traditional

Lighting a fire is literally the oldest human technology. People have used open flame to stave off cold and darkness since long before the start of recorded history – practically since the start of “people.” Today, capturing fire and taming it indoors is still a notable and beautiful attraction for any home. The difference brought on by millennia of progress is that the modern homeowner has a much wider array of options when he or she wants to bring fire indoors. One of the latest and most interesting possibilities is the clean, eco-friendly ethanol fireplace.

How Ethanol Fireplaces Work

Of course, the name of an ethanol fireplace gives a strong hint as to its primary distinction. Ethanol fireplaces come in a vast number of different designs, but they’re all unified by burning ethanol to produce light and heat. Ethanol is the same fuel also known as denatured alcohol.

In contrast to the other options for fueling a fireplace, ethanol is a completely renewable resource that can be distilled out of raw biomass (corn or other crops). This offers a significant ecological advantage versus fireplaces powered by propane, and it’s even better for the environment than a wood-burning fireplace. Propane is derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. While wood is a renewable resource like ethanol, it involves a much longer and more ecologically-destructive production process.

When burned in a suitable fireplace, ethanol is an exceptionally clean and home-friendly fuel. It produces no harmful waste gas, (meaning no need for outgoing ventilation) and creates almost no solid waste.


A fireplace is intended to produce three things: light, heat, and ambience. On at least two of these counts, ethanol fireplaces perform just as well as those fueled with any other material. Their light output is entirely satisfactory – especially considering that very few modern homeowners rely on a fireplace as their primary source of light. Ambience depends on both personal taste and the specific design of a fireplace. Manufacturers of ethanol fireplaces offer a lot of different attractive design options, making it easy to match a fireplace to the homeowner’s taste in decor.


However, it cannot be denied that ethanol fireplaces are rather deficient when it comes to providing heat. While ethanol is an exceptionally clean-burning fuel, it is also a rather cool one. Unlike a major wood-burning or propane fireplace, an ethanol fireplace is unsuitable as a primary heat source in any but the smallest of rooms.

Ease Of Installation

One place where ethanol fireplaces score considerable points over traditional fireplaces is in the ease with which they can be installed. While very elaborate ethanol fireplaces can mimic the integral structural look of a wood-burning fireplace, much smaller models are also available. Thanks to the lack of harmful byproducts mentioned above, these fireplaces are even portable. This means homeowners may use them as mobile accent pieces wherever light, heat, and class are required.

Ease Of Operation

With two notable exceptions, ethanol fireplaces are much easier to operate than wood or propane models. Fueling the fire is simplicity itself: The owner simply dumps ethanol into the burner’s reservoir and sets it alight. Once the fuel is exhausted, there is no messy ash to clean up. This suits the portable nature of many ethanol fireplaces very well – they are as easy to move after they’ve been used as they are before they’ve been used.

However, unlike a wood fireplace, an ethanol fire place cannot be continuously fed. Pouring ethanol fuel into a lit fireplace is dangerous, and even after the fireplace goes out it must be allowed to cool before it is refueled. Also, while ethanol fireplaces do not require exhaust venting, they do consume oxygen like any fire source. They require a reliable source of air inflow to ensure proper operation.

Potential Dangers

An ethanol fireplace offers the same risks as any open flame. If left unattended or used improperly, it has the potential capability to start fires. In fact, this danger is somewhat exacerbated by the smaller, portable models of ethanol fireplaces. Because they are so easy to move and light up, they make it almost too easy for a homeowner to overlook potential fire hazards being created. Ethanol fuel must be stored for a fireplace, but it is no more dangerous than any other flammable liquid. Unlike propane fuel, it is not kept in pressurized containers, meaning there is much less risk of explosion in a fire. Also, as noted below, a cheap ethanol fireplace with poor construction (poor materials, weak joints, etc.) may present an increased fire risk.

The Home’s Resale Value

One of the great arguments in favor of the construction of a traditional wood-burning fireplace is the significant resale value it can add to a home. This is one area where the relative flexibility and convenience of ethanol fireplaces are actually downsides. Smaller ethanol fireplaces are more “furniture” and less “fixture.” Major, non-portable ethanol fireplaces designed to mimic traditional hearths may have a similar value-boosting effect, but they will also cost far more than their simpler brethren. Small, tasteful ethanol fireplaces can contribute significantly to the overall appeal of a room. This may make it more appealing to potential buyers even if it does not drive up the bottom-line price of the home.

Financial Considerations

The price range of ethanol fireplaces is truly immense, depending on the size, complexity, and fancifulness of the particular model in question. The smallest, simplest ethanol burners can cost as little as $100 Of course, these burners are closer to being lanterns than true fireplaces. Prices rise rapidly as size and complexity grow. Durability and quality of construction also play a significant role in pricing ethanol fireplaces. Reliable, long-lasting ethanol fireplaces will likely cost thousands of dollars. This is also a question of safety. Cheap, shoddily-made fireplaces will present a greater fire hazard than those constructed with superior craftsmanship. Of course, even the very fanciest ethanol fireplace will likely be cheaper than a full wood-burning fireplace with the required masonry work and chimney installation.

While they are far from a perfect replacement for old-fashioned wood-burning fireplaces, ethanol burners do offer modern homeowners a great deal of flexibility when it comes to bringing fire into the home. They can be purchased economically, moved swiftly, and operated easily. As long as homeowners remember that they are still dealing with a real open flame, they can get a lot of good use out of sturdy ethanol fireplaces.

Survey #2: How to Find a QUALITY St. Louis SEO Company

So, after doing a ton of research, surveying, and interview we have compiled the ultimate guide to finding qualified SEO in St. Louis. First, we want to give a big shout out to Nathan Gotch who gave us the information and inspiration we needed to create this awesome guide.

See… aren’t surveys awesome?

You better believe it! Let’s jump right in.

Just a note: this is a continuation of our post last week: Survey #1: What’s the Best Way to Market Your Business?

st louis seo

If your goal is to generate more sales this year as a result of your efforts to bring customers in that surf the web, it is important for you to have a solid presence on the Internet in regard to organic search engine positioning. Your ability to rank high for targeted keywords directly related to your products and services makes it possible for you to attract thousands of potential customers without having to pay for paid advertising. One of the largest expenses with most businesses today is the advertising that is necessary to bring in targeted visitors. Most people do not know how to do proper SEO, and despite their best efforts, most of them fail. That’s why you need to work with a search engine optimization company that is highly skilled with ranking websites using techniques that are modified as Google and other search engines change their algorithms regularly. By allowing a SEO company to manage this for you, you can focus on running your business, all the while receiving quality targeted traffic. If you are in the St. Louis Missouri area, and you would like to attract visitors to either your real-world store, or your websites online, you need to choose the best St. Louis SEO company to help you achieve your goals.

Qualities Of A Reputable SEO Company

When you start your search for search engine optimization companies that may either be operating out of St. Louis, or that may be able to help you despite operating out of different parts of the country, there are certain prerequisites that each of these companies must have for you to even consider them to help you out. One of the most important aspects of choosing a SEO company is whether or not they can actually rank their own websites for search engine optimization terms. For instance, if you type in St. Louis seo, search engine optimization businesses that are ranked at the top of the organic listings are the ones that you should consider contacting. Second, you need to look at the packages that they offer to see if they provide both on-site and off-site optimization for customers on the Web. If you are only optimizing your website, but you are not driving targeted links to your website, as well as your sub pages, you may never see your website appear for your targeted keyword terms because they have only done half the job. Third, the business that you choose needs to have a track record, perhaps a portfolio of success stories that they can show you, including websites they have ranked in the keywords that they have ranked them for. This will give you the confidence that they will be able to do the same for you as you are looking at actual proof of their skills and capabilities.

The Difference Between On-Site and Off-Site Optimization

There is a large difference between optimizing your website, and doing what is called offsite optimization. On-site optimization has to do with the aspects of your website then need to be properly configured so that the search engines, specifically the search engine spiders that come to your site and evaluated, will find it worthy of a top ranking. There are several aspects to on-site ranking including interlinking the different pages and posts your website together, having outbound links to authority sites that are similar to yours, creating a silo structure or category structure to your website to make navigation easier for consumers, and finally the content on your website should be primarily unique. Off-site optimization, on the other hand, focuses solely upon generating backlinks that will point to your website from different locations and IP addresses on the web. This could be from Web 2.0 properties, blog posts, links on video descriptions, and forums across the web. A reputable St. Louis SEO company will be able to handle every aspect of on-site and off-site optimization, allowing you to start seeing results in as little as a few weeks by using the proven tactics that they have used on their own websites to rank them.

Caveats To Consider With SEO Companies

There are a few things that you should worry about when you were about to make your final choice in choosing a search engine optimization company to handle all of your optimization needs. The first thing to be concerned about is how long they have been in business. If they have only been doing this type of work for one or two years, there is the possibility that they may not be very adept at boosting your rankings in the search engines. Second, if there is not a phone number to call where you can actually speak to an individual, it may not actually be a company, but simply a clone site design to take your credit card information, and leave you with nothing at all. Finally, do a background research using the Better Business Bureau if possible, to see if you can find out any information on this company. Feedback is also very important, such as comments or testimonials that have been left by previous customers that have actually used their services and had success. All of these factors need to be looked into and considered before paying a company to handle all of your search engine optimization plans.

Once you have done the proper research, and you have found a company that appears to be absolutely legitimate, and that has examples of what they are able to do for their clients, you need to choose a package that fits your budget, and also will allow you to achieve your goals of ranking high on the search engines that fits your budget. As you make more money, you can ramp up to the higher packages, ones that will produce more results in a shorter period of time. This is how you can budget your money appropriately, build confidence with the results that you receive, and continue to use this St. Louis SEO company to help you achieve top rankings for your most profitable keywords.

If you’re closer to Kansas City and you need SEO, then I recommend you use the #1 ranked Kansas City SEO company KCSEOAgency.com.


Collaborative Survey: What St. Louis Company Has the Best Design?

For this awesome survey, were going to get you guys involved in the process. So, what you’re going to do is analyze the list of websites below and then choose which one you think has the best web design. We have randomly selected companies throughout St. Louis and around the US from many different industries. Please leave your favorite designed website in the comment section. We look forward to your responses!

1. Rafco Properties

St Louis property management

Rafco Prop is only company you need if you’re looking for property management St Louis. They recently had their website redesigned and it’s looking super sleek and hence why we ranked it #1. Let us know what you think below.

2. Academy Air

St Louis Heating and Cooling Company

Academy Air is a St Louis furnace repair company with decades of history in the STL. They also recently had a new design implemented on their site and we really love it. Now it’s your turn to critique it.

3. Medler Law Firm

St Louis personal injury lawyer

John Medler is recognized as the best St Louis personal injury lawyer. Medler Law Firm also just went through a nice redesign and is now running through the Joomla platform. Please take a look and vote below.

4. Bolt Restoration

St Louis roofing

Bolt Restoration is a roofing company in St. Louis that has also decided to revamp their design. This is easily my favorite design out of them all, so please take a look at it.

5. I Have a Speeding Ticket

St Louis traffic lawyer

I Have a Speeding Ticket is run by Edward Khatskin who is a leading traffic lawyer in St. Louis – his site was redesigned a few months back and is filled with ton of valuable informaiton for any citizen living in St. Louis who is looking to avoid costly tickets. Make sure you visit his website now to vote in this survey!

That’s it guys for the designs. We will probably run another survey like this soon if this goes well. We look forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks!

Survey Infographic of the Week: IT & The Cloud


Companies like TierPoint and Equinix, two popular Dallas data centers, are completely driven by cloud technology. I’ve talked to both and both have agreed that the costs of running such technology is pretty significant.

Video: How to use Google Docs to Create a Survey

Survey #1: What’s the Best Way to Market Your Business?

There’s a ton of ways to market your business, but everyone has a favorite.

Let us know what your favorite technique is:

What's the Best Way to Market Your Business?